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Welcome to the Dallas Melanoma Center.  Melanoma is increasing in incidence with the advent of tanning beds and more people living in high UV locations (Southern US).  However, the chances of dying from melanoma lessen with early diagnosis and proper treatment.  The Dallas Melanoma Center has been providing the highest quality surgical care for melanoma patients since 1994.  Dr. Beitsch spent part of his training with Dr. Donald Morton at the John Wayne Cancer Institute in Los Angeles.  Dr. Morton developed the technique of lymphatic mapping to remove only the lymph nodes that drain the patch of skin where the melanoma began – markedly decreasing the problems associated with melanoma surgery.  Dr. Beitsch brought this technique to Dallas in 1994 and has been working on improving the technique and reducing the amount of surgery necessary while maintaining the highest cure rates for his patients.  The Center has national studies available for patients with all stages of melanoma (except for the lowest and earliest stage patients).

We welcome you and promise to treat you with the latest state of the art surgical treatments to provide the best outcome possible.

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